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Since I did a grass stop one time while skating on my Bones Swiss 6 and getting grit in them and ruining them. I tried everything to save them but to no avail. So when I see people with dogs I slow down and yell out. If they don't respond I give as much space as I can away from the dog so I try to go on the person side. If everything fails I hit the dog. I learned that if you hit the person you can be charged with assault.

I did have an encounter with two pit bull dogs a few weeks ago and I did not mess around. The owner (typical macho guy) thought it was funny seeing his dogs chase me. Well, fortunately I easily out skated them. Since doing two days a week all out fast chasing a bike where my heart rate is somewhere around 300, I have noticed just my regular skating is much faster. Of course nothing like you animals but then you all are way beyond. When the dogs gave up on me and headed back I turned back so the owner could see me I called the police on my cell phone. They came very quickly and animal control took the dogs away. I have not seen the person or dogs since. Also since that time the police regularly patrol the area and I have not seen any dogs off the leash.
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