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Default How long to learn proper crossovers?

I have been skating for about 3 years. Started because my doctor said that if I continued running, I would only be hastening my knee replacement surgery. That said, up until now, I working on my form, keeping my knees together, concentrating on going forward, smooth push and recovery, keeping my support leg inline under my body (nose-knees-toes), etc. Likewise, I didn't concern myself at all with learning to double push.

Now I feel maybe it is time to learn how do a proper underpush as I go around a turn, with the outer leg crossing over in front. Also I was hoping that this would dovetail into learning a proper double push. I have been watching Coach Sooty's videos but find the video where he uses the inner leg to underpush to meet the outer leg VERY hard to mimic. I might add that a lot of these underpushes are painful on my knees (at least when my leg is near full extension). I am willing to work through that.

Any tips? Or experience as to how long it takes to be CONFIDENT to actually place your outer skate on the inside of the underpushing inner leg?
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