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Default Hi

Started skating early 80s street half pipes and such. Stopped for awhile then in 1990 my brother gave me his RB lightings that were so big I stuffed my ski boot liners in them.(ever shed a snow half pide on a set of old school 205 skis?) I found I liked it. I started street skating again took to pipes and bowls drainage ditches ect. Broke a lot of wheels. I was glad when hyper made the first real street skating wheels. Then the term aggressive skating took hold and like skateboarding everything went to the tiny technical tricks. Rail slides and such. I moved into mountain biking (rode those in pipes too) then a few years ago I compressed 2 vertabre in my back after I blew a landing. So no more big air for me ever so I bummed around trying things for a couple of years then I booked a birthday party at the local rink for my son gabbed a pair of old skated I had on the shelf. Got on the floor powered thru sume crossovers.

Now I want to speed skate indoors short track!!!!

I'm in Denver so any one know of a local speed team or ring that has speed/racing sessions?


Chris kinslow
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