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Originally Posted by Live2sk888 View Post
There were copyright issues (I think it was to do with fan jets specifically)... that is why some of the stuff was sold as "Van-beda" - apparently that was the resolution was they had to sell it under the combined name.

I'm not sure what happened to Vanguard later on really, never head any mention of that.

Hmm Very weird.. Canada has laws.. where company cant release multi versions of a product under different names..

Ie. Dodge Intrepid... In Canada.. they are all Chrysler Intrepids..

Why would they have to be released under a new mfger.. if they were both separate companies operating individually.

Labeda Fan Jets...
Vangard Fan Jets..

I mean someone came up with Fanjet first... They are definitely different wheels...he'll Id venture a guess that completely different urethanes.

How would coming up with Van-Beda solve issues.. That almost makes me think they WERE in business together..

Anyone have photos of the "Van Beda" wheels?
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