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Tae Kwon Dad
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I'm Mark in West Atlanta
age 43 (20 points greater than my IQ according to my mother-in-lawsuit)
Married 20 years! GREATEST SALE I EVER MADE!
1 daughter
1 pair of skates with 2 pairs of wheels. Burn through a set about 2wice a year. First started skating at age 7ish?
Other hobbies USCDKA TKD (that's Tae Kwon Do) USCDKA.COM
Skating strengthens lower legs and improves balance for above!
2 dogs
Percy Pork Plate (1/2 boston terrier 1/2 pug)
Petey Pot Pie (100% Psycho Boston)

We almost universally skate as a family activity. Why skate alone when you can take the people you love and they can use their cell phones to call 911 when you fall and break your ______________ (insert favorite injury here)

I am thrilled to find skatelog, and Kathie, who and wherever you are, thank you for a great site to meet, mingle and learn. I have benefited greatly already and hope all of the rest of you have.

I have to stop typing now and...

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