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Check out ice hockey videos for help with learning edges and general inline skills and form. They usually explain things well and while ice and inline are not a perfect transfer they are VERY close.

Speed skates are really hard to deal with for a new to inlines skater. I'd recommend an "urban" style skate with 4x80 setup. Keeps y low to the ground and starts to let you get a feel for those longer wheelbases. Even a 4x80 is 243 mm wheelbase. Where even most longer quad wheelbases on size 10 to 13 feet wont be over 190.
It's not the ankle strength, it's the stability and balance that needs work. Those small muscle fibers are controlling your skate that is now sitting on a couple mm of width instead of like 120mm of width. The pivoting point is farther away on inlines as well(boot to ground vs a quads boot to truck yoke:the cushions

Never worry about having different skates and different disciplines. They will compliment each other soon enough with some practice. You'll deepen your understanding with skates, their feel and how to use the best input to get the best output for multiple situations and multiple skate configurations.
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