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Originally Posted by Dave Henniker View Post
There are now a few videos I've done of skating some of the city's former railway lines, all on my web page at

Us lone, solitary skaters must devise innovative ways of video-ing ourselves. I used a smaller-than-thumbsize camcorder for the most recent videos. It's a MiniDV VD80 device which I attached to a bamboo cane.

This enabled me to video myself (ugly old pensioner) as well as views from all angles. The length of the cane ironed out the bumps but it was tricky to keep the camera vertical when it's behind you and 8 feet up. Even if you think my videos are crap, you might still be interested in the camera if you're obliged to skate on your lonesome.

I haven't yet made a video of Crewe Toll to Ocean Terminal which is rather a good journey with only one bumpy bit...

regards Dave.
Ingeniously inventive if I may say so myself; and quite well done!!
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