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Originally Posted by NDSconcept View Post

Are you satisfied with made in China?
Please refer to the bearing performance document.
If possible, please use European products.
If you want to experience the new world, try using very good bearings.

Both with made in China are not bad products.
There are also many good manufacturers.
Quality control of the sales maker is important.
It is important whether there is a will of technology development.
There is no intention of technology development, and if it is for money, it is not discriminated whether it is made in China or made in usa.
Merchants are given priority to money.
If it is judged that you do not earn money, even if you have a good product, it is the merchant that you are not selling.
The reality is that consumers are accustomed to cheap products.
Most consumers will that they prefer cheap products, not quality or function.
Nowadays the ceramic balls of most of 608Bearings are made in china, if not all of them.
Anyway, maybe it is offtopic but how did you measure the efficiency of the bearings in your chart???.
I tried many expensive bearing models and I can not believe that 5balls Powerslide (F A G) Cronitec has better eficiency than Takino ceramic microbearings.
I tried both and 5 balls hybrid cronitecs have too much clearance between balls and rings. A tight clearance is faster when the bearing is under load and my experience was not so good with them. And takino lightweight ceramic micro bearings are fast like hell.
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