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Originally Posted by matguy View Post
Or it's someone that does it almost as a hobby. Such as they have the equipment available (mill) and expertise and they're not doing it as much for the profit as they are for something else that drives them.
Absolutely agree.

I'm a huge fan of cottage industry, one-off stuff, plus that's how the best of the best usually comes about. One person's vision for the best possible widget.

But that's not MOST stuff, and it isn't MOST people's motivation for producing. Even small elite boot makers and frame builders need to stay in business, unless they're independently wealthy and operating a charity Plus, in the context of skating, there's more than one small guy in our world who made a stupid-good thing only to have it blatantly ripped by a big company for retail in legit channels. I know a couple of those guys well, and that's a really crappy deal... even if you were partly in it for reasons other than profit.

And when that happens, it takes research, and knowledge of the situation, plus a conviction to buy the original at greater cost and less convenience. Many, if not most buyers don't have one or both of those things for most products. Even something as obvious as that Vaypor... isn't too obvious to someone who doesn't skate and happen to own a legit one in that color scheme. Easy bait for people checking out the sport, buying as gifts, etc.

Not to mention the whole can of worms regarding some knockoffs actually BEING the legit product in whole or in part, per Kufman's post. Whole thing is a hot mess.
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