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Seems legit.

Also, what Kufman said.

I already have a difficult time sourcing gear for my business, or parts/tools for my cars. Knockoff cycling gear is a major thing already.

For some perspective from industry: My dad ran a specialized manufacturing company some years back... and they had to manufacture their gear in the US for military/government contracts - DOE in particular. He told me it was so much cheaper to do so overseas (in China, particularly), they could've used US materials, shipped them, made the stuff, shipped back, paid US labor rates to QC to extremely tight spec, throw out 90% as waste, and still end up paying less.

Zero chance most businesses are going to do that without a contractual obligation to do so... with the current regulatory/economic climate here, anyway. Folks need to vote with their wallet, and be willing to accept fewer (better) things for their money, or the trend will continue.
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