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Originally Posted by shesk8 View Post
I've perused alliexpress as well - it's joke. If you're shopping alliexpress, you're most likely buying counterfeit goods. The better question to ask of ones self "is saving a few bucks worth potential injury and/or loss?" If goods fail you're back to spending more $ to replace, and that's if you are lucky to have not been injured due to product failure.

Not only does the counterfeit market hurt legit industries, counterfeits can fail with use as they are not made to any safety standard (as set by legit manufactures/importers of skate goods). I personally know folks in the cycle industry who police this type of thing in bike industry, and like skating goods, there are tons of issues with counterfeit/knock-off bike frames, handle bars, and components failing, not too mention the safety concerns that arise from counterfeit helmets.

The counterfeit market hurts legit industry by flooding market with cheaply made knock-offs, that reduces sales of legit goods, and hence prices increase accordingly, as manufacturers don't particularly want to lose profits to counterfeiters. Some are working to shut down the flow of counterfeit goods made in their respective namesake, but there again, this effort costs industry lots in legal feels to chase after and shut down those offenders. So, one can easily see the ripple effect and damage on skate industry when folks chose to support sellers of counterfeit goods. And, one simply has to look at the result of impact on unsuspecting buyers to see it's not with the small savings. The skater who purchased knock-off matter g13's spent $150/set, finds they are not up to matter standard (of course they are not), they maybe saved $49 off msrp retail price($199/set 8 g13's 110mm), and is now dumping those fake wheels for a set of "legit" wheels... you do the math!
The problem I have is that some of the stuff is just as legit as stuff from the "real" companies. I say this because some of the stuff comes from the same factories in China that make the real thing, i.e. boots. A boot from one of the big US companies that costs $600 is exactly the same as a boot that you can get from China for $57.... which is what the US company pays for them. From various mistakes by products sent directly to me from China with the invoice still in the box, I have figured out how much many of these things cost. My above example is not an exaggeration. Ultimately, this will be the undoing of the skating industry as we know it now. It appears that at least a couple of companies have figured this out and their prices are drastically different from just a couple years ago. I don't mind paying more for something that is hand made in the US and comes with some reassurance that they will take care of any problems if they should arise. I refuse to pay full over inflated prices for stuff that is poorly made by slave labor.
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