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Elemental- that is comforting to know that you played hockey as well. Four years ago, switching back to quads from inlines was a different experience.

I may just need more time with this. I tried your suggestion on a Snyder and green wicked lips, which I think are a pretty high durometer wheel. Just felt really weird, unstable, with still too much grip coming from the plate yet the wheels were sliding.

I think the issue will become learning to tune them properly and readjusting til i find the proper sweet spot. It does give me hope that you might skate similarly and be able to perform the same moves on a da/45. I am about 165-170, skate on slick polished concrete and treated wood floors. I really like the white shamans as you stated, and skate the 93A green ones for officiating derby on our slick concrete.

Who says hockey style skating isn't pretty? It can be beautifully violent and powerful
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