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Wink 7 MM Bearing Spacers, Solved?

I'm old in years and new to this blog. I have a pair of Synder Imperial with Riedell boots with a serial number of 4006. Yes, they have a serial number stamped on the on the plates. I had Bones V-IV wheels installed on them at the rink. I've worked at three rinks over time and should have done them myself. They put 8MM spacers in them and could never tighten the nuts down because of binding. Now I've replaced the cushions, wheels and bearings. 7 MM spacers are hard to find and when you do they want an arm and leg for them. Hears what I did and should work for a lot of quad wheels. I have installed RollerBones Elite Artistic 62MM X 101.
New Bones red 7MM bearings. My old bearings were 627ZZ. I took the old bearing apart and USED THE INNER RACE AS BEARING SPACER. Now I can tighten the nut down and the wheels spin great. Once tightened down I took my old wheel and thumped the wheel and it really set the bearings. If you have the old 7 MM axels this should work great with RollerBones wheels.
I'm not sure about other brands of wheels. I also found 7 and 8MM washers that could be used to increase the spacer length if needed. I found them at Lowes Home Improvement in the speciality washer drawer. I've read a lot of people don't use the bearing spacers.
Ball bearings are pressed on to a shaft ( axle ) and pressed into a housing (wheel ). If one or the other spins it wears on the contact surface. I'm talking about Bones quad wheels. Any axles I'v seen are undersize and the bearings just drop on. The spacer lets the inner race be secured. If it's not secured it can spin on the axle and wear it more under size. If you can't tighten your axle nut down, they can spin on the axle, especially when they get dirty.

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