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Default Skating in Washington Park (Springfield, Illinois USA)

I love skating in Washington Park! It is a wonderful place to be in the early morning. The loop is 1.4 miles long and the pavement is pretty good all the way around. It is busy later in the day so I like to skate at dawn. I love skating here! It makes me happy. If you are ever in the neighborhood and want to skate, Washington park is worth the visit!

Here is my guru. Pat lives in the park. He is a good guy!

This is where the fun begins.

This is the hill that is the most fun. You are easily doing 25+ mph on this and you take a sharp left at the bottom. Look out for traffic. Pay attention!

After the fun corner downhill you wind through these gentle curves. It is easy and exciting to blast through this part of the park.

The lagoons are vibrant with lots of life.

Canada geese stop here on their migrations in abundance.

This should be a symbol for me. If you look closely you can see a Great Blue Heron hunting on the shore. It was just lucky to see one this morning.

In this photo you can kind of see the hill that caps off my loops. It takes me about 45 seconds (if I push hard) to get all the way to the top and it is a fantastic training aid! I love it! It curves back and forth like a big muscular snake all the way to the top.

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