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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I have asked the mods. Approaching 7000 reads for an important maintenance function on a skate. Plus it not just MY take on things, it includes G-No's info, and Doc's post of Snyder info. (I still need to add a link for Reserectors video) Sure sounds like sticky material.

Google "DA45 pivot pin" and this is the number one result. And yes, I am pretty proud of that. (Google "DA45 skate review" and the first result is my "DA45 Magnum Short Plate Skate Review" Just over 13k views on that one. And yeah, I got an ego, and I am pretty proud of that too. ) (I go check my numbers when I am feeling low )

Perhaps if a few dozen people reminded the mods to sticky this it will make it.
Git' 'er done!

That is not a direct link, as I can't see YouTube at work, but you can link directly to YouTube if you prefer.
BTW, there are 2,000 hits on that link alone. It IS a popular subject. It really does need to be stickied here, as it is on SS. Too much awsome goodness to let it slip down the list.
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