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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Well, if your pivot pin is long, as in, pushing the truck out of alignment, the plate will not perform properly to begin with and the king pin will have more stress and may break. So, do what you gotta do to keep it aligned. (+1 on the washers) Perhaps a purple barrel with blue cone will prevent the stack from compressing. What you want to prevent is the barrel compressing, as, from a truck geometry point of view, the truck sits on the barrel not the cone. A purple blue setup should do this and will require LESS tightening to begin with, also lessening the problem. If you start to run out of king pin, to where you have less than a thread showing, just make sure your nylock nut has plenty of grip and check it regularly so it does not come off.
Thanks so much, that is awesome advice, explained in a way I understand! I am experimenting with different washers and cushions, and I think I'm getting there. I cut a pair of purples in half and use them instead of washers now, which seems to work. I'm okay with stability and all, but maybe it will put more pressure on the king pin, since I'm not using retainers (on top of the barrels) now?
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