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It took a little bit of reading and re-reading plus that video. But it finally clicked, so did the neutral pivot pin location. Though I still want to mess with that, but almost across the board it made adjusting way easier. Now just to test them out. I'm already on blues so I'm wondering where my skating will set, I'm just hoping now that I've properly adjusted my skates, my right foot will stop going to sleep due to the pivot/king pin.

However, I found one issue when adjusting my plates. It's a bit off topic but I could use some advice. My left, back king pin is jammed in my plate. I have no idea how this happened (I've adjusted them before) but it's damn well set in there. Eventually I want to switch out my jump plate with washers, but if I can't get that sucker out, there is no doing that.

Any suggestions? It's okay for skating now (lock nut is down tight). But I know I'm going to have to deal with it eventually.
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