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I'm probably going to go with off-set to the outside, maybe the full 3mm
simply because Roll-Line is likely to be more correct if that document indeed represents the company’s view. Also I don’t skate Derby and no off-set seems to be (don’t know) more popular with Derby.
Also the holes are not right next to each other

However, the case is far from closed. The is a VERY controversial topic so much so that plate manufacturers don’t even want to go there. I could not find a single public document from ANY of the plate or boot manufactures calming that there is only one correct way. In fact, none of them seem to want to touch the topic! Not even Roll-Line, I got that document through a Roll-Line rep.

I understand and respect your reasoning on the subject, I do not think you are wrong. But I doubt it is as black and white as you are making it. Obviously there are a whole lot of skaters who don’t off-set or bought them that way. You may say they are all disadvantaged, but there is no real proof one way or the other, they are just theories. There is no way to measure the difference, or at least no one has.
If there is a big difference and they are really disadvantaged as you say, clearly it has never been enough of an issue that people see it is wrong and stop doing it.

“99% of the human population finds that off-setting the plates slightly gives proper balance while roller skating". Obviously this statement is not true or there would be no controversy. It would also be true that 99% of the human population have never skated on both to compare. And even if they did try both, it would be extremely difficult to exclude subjective factors not to mention muscle memory.

“Roller skates are slightly offset to give the skater proper balance as they manipulate their ankles to push against The skates as they accelerate.”. This very well may be true, but it still amounts to an edict.
No one has found a way to measure the subjective experience of a skater. What the heck is “proper balance” anyway, it’s just balance.

This question is no different than many others in skating. Three are almost endless combinations of boots, plates, wheels, cushions and personal skating styles and what you think worked, or what might actually be better or worse remains extremely subjective by nature. At least almost everyone agrees how to find the center mark, that, indeed, is measurable.
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