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Default Date Codes

I just talked to Avery, I do not believe those numbers to be date codes as like the Riedells have. More a manufactures code that represents model, style and design since some boot models tended to change some what over the years. More like a serial number. I have several 41 and 61 boots. The 41 have the same coding, the 61 all have different coding. Both the 41 and 61 boots are all different sizes. and that coding is all over the place. Also the code in the boots match the code printed on the box. So what I get from all this is that these numbers were used to keep track of stock and book keeping. I do not think they represent a specific date, like riedells date code of 8208 that decoded means August 1982. There maybe a date code somewhere in there, but how to decode it, I have nothing. Both pairs of my 61's have these two codes 0100901 and 0080437 completely different. And I cannot find anything even close to what 0100901 can be, with 0080437 at least the 80 can be a year. On Avery's the 85 cannot represent the year because Oberhamer was not around then. The maybe have a specific inspector or employer ID number with in the code. So it seems these numbers will stay a mystery unless Doc knows. Sorry If I was not much help.
I even have a 3rd pair of 61's and its code is 0132291, I still get nothing from it
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