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Originally Posted by Abyss View Post
Got ya, i think from what i am reading so far collectivly seems to say weight matters BUT its conditional.
Seems like the concensus is speed is the goal thus lighter plates to stave off fatigue.
My takeaway so far is that theres a direct relation between speed/fatigue so if you dont go fast, and/or dont care to then light plates arent near as important in your build.
Light wheels are more important than light plates.

Unspring weight. and for a skate, its the farthest away from all your joints, which affects you the most. I skated a similar setup as mine once, our wheels were close to the same weight(8 grams or so per wheel)With the plate being around 200g heavier, not as Much difference as when I used to roll 62x44 fanjet and switched to RBT's then finally to Royal assassins.

I did feel the weight difference between the two plates, which also used the same boots so no discrepancy there.

As I said previously, the weight of the mag vs the Alu Avanti plates isn't significant to me, it's the adjistable trucks and pivot cup upgrade.

You are right though, the harder you skate, the faster a heavy skate will wear on you. Or if you do some knee movements like swinging your foot in the air, infront then behind you.... you'd be surprised the way a heavier skate has you feeling those hard/fast shuffle movements and leg flails the next day. Where a light skate doesn't.

You can get crazy with a lighter skate and not feel beat down in your joints.

As fierocious1 said: compromise. review options and select whats best for what ya want. Never know, it may change later on
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