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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
A fair amount of it is a geek thing. A competitive thing. A look, I win thing.
People just want to outdo someone or something else. And that is not ALWAYS a bad thing. I mean, if you put a heavy boot, and heavy plate and heavy wheels, it will add up and be noticeable. I noticed the difference in my fan jet wheels vs my power plus wheels.

What it boils down to is what you want and how much $$$ you got. Shaving some weight can lead to some interesting project too. People drilling a heavy Roll Line plate, for instance.

If I were interested in a light weight speed skate, and I wanted to be clever and save some money, I'd look at a Bont Quad Racer in fiberglass, or maybe for a few bucks more, Carbon Fiber, and a simple cheap SG 10 degree nylon plate. Light good speed wheels, and there you go. I have seen a few claims of boots that are lighter than Bont, but I don't believe them. Bont's are crazy light. Nylon plates are light too. If you go for light through an expensive metal plate alone....$$$$$.

Some folks just love to tinker. And shaving weight is a goal to chase.

I am not obsessed with weight. But I still think of it when putting a skate together. How a skate performs, which includes a properly sized plate and proper mounting trumps weight. By a large margin. That comes from experience of coming from improper mounts to proper mounts and an added trick or two.
There are a lot of us tinkerers out here.. and the hunt for the perfect setup never ends.
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