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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
most skate boots are heavier than the comparative soccer boot.
most skate boots last 20+ times longer.
a good quality leather skate boot is also much more expensive.
i use soccer boots at around $49 a pair but they only last 2-3 years maximum.
if money was no object i would fork out $400ish for leather altamuras .
10 times the price for 20 times the value.
there are some hard core skaters out there that skate 3+ times a week and that's their main hobby.
for the hard cores it would really be a waste of time and money using soccer boots.
and theres the resale value.some used oberhammers ,altas etc fetch $200.
a used soccer boot is worthless.
soccer boots just look low class.
dirt bikin is my main hobby and i can buy 4 tyres of my choice for the price of a pair of skateboots.
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