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I vote for skate boots for all the reasons listed above, e.g., rigid sole, counter supports, purpose-built for lateral strain, and tougher material. And I would say give you better control.

I have skated in tennis shoes, work boots, running shoes, and flip-flops. On most of these I had inserted a rigid piece of sheet aluminum between the shoe and the plate to stiffen things up. That gave me better power transfer to the wheels and more responsive steering when I leaned on them. But they all lacked any lateral support and would allow my feet to move slightly from side-to-side. I had to adjust my form/style for these shortcomings. And for the most part they died pretty fast, either by blowing out seams or wearing holes in the tops and sides. Still, they were fun to skate in and, of course, they looked bitchin’.

There was a guy in this form named Armadillo who claimed to have a lot of success with mounting soccer shoes on his skates. Soccer shoes are light weight (his main goal, I think), built to withstand lateral forces, and relatively inexpensive. But he once lamented that they wore out much faster than skate boots.
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