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Originally Posted by mcrdba View Post
Is it the relative stiffness of the sole that makes a dress shoe work well as a skate (ignoring comfort)?
A stiff sole is only one part of what makes a skate boot. Most non-athletic footwear isn't designed for lateral forces. They are designed for the compression of walking. As a side note, apparently some athletic footwear has an issue in the lateral force department: Zion Williamson's injury from rare shoe failure puts spotlight on Nike. The forces can be significant.

Skate boots are designed with counters to keep the lateral forces in check. These stiff pieces strengthen the sides so they don't move over the edge of the sole over time. The more modern fiberglass and carbon fiber footbeds of better boots form a fairly complete cup around your foot. Boots constructed like this stay stable in size for years since the foot isn't pushing against a stretchable material like leather.

In short, if you want novelty or to make a fashion statement then using a non-skate specific shoe/boot is fine. OTOH if you want performance get a shoe designed for the sport. That is pretty much true across athletic endeavors.

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