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Hey guys!

My name is Rosie, and I'm a 26 yr old wife and mother, and I live in Southern California. I've recently gotten back into skating after about ten years of a break (due mostly to having my daughter and waiting for the opportune time to introduce her to skating).

We started going skating at a local rink about a month ago, and have discovered that all three of us share an immense love for skating. I want to take skating to another level (possibly semi-pro), but we all three certainly have a huge amount of fun out there in the rink just skating for fun!!

The rink we go to is wonderful, too. The people working there are such a great, friendly group of people. Why, one of the men that works there is even busy building me a GREAT pair of skates from a pair of boots he wore himself (but found to be just a tad the wrong size) that have had hardly any use at all! They're so close to being done...I'm so excited! He offered to build them for me the first night we went, too. Great people!

Anyway, there you go...that's who I am!

See you guys around the forum!
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