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Originally Posted by AZSHOT View Post
I'm sure you're right Sunnyape. Even at my rink on the adult night, 95% of the people use pretty mediocre wheels. Almost all plastic hubbed. And some of these are VERY good skaters. One young guy about 25 that has become a friend is extremely fast and I can't keep up with him in the speed skating. He uses Zooms or some crap wheels. I can't figure it out, but youth and stamina I guess!

I tried to buy my daughter some metal hubbed Stillettos for Christmas, after I had found a set last year for $70 NIB. The people that have them still now want about $125. There are some other metal hubbed wheels I could have tried, like Zombies, the new Monza, etc. But didn't want to chance it because I've tried a lot, and the white Stilletos are perfect for our floor. Any other wheel is either too slick, or too boggy.

On ferocious' comment about weight, I don't care about a few ounces here or there. I just like the quality of a metal hub (and metal plates). But perhaps I'd be a tad faster with plastic lightweight everything. I just don't care for it, and my Speed Team days were back in the 70s. Today, if I can keep up with or pass 19 out of 20 of the speed skaters in the 2 songs they do, I'm doing fine.
Monzas, wear extremely fast! Fastest wearing wheel I ever owned. I put them on, on a newly coated floor and tore most of the tread off in one session. They will last longer on a slicker floor. My White Shamans last over a year keeping the tread. Love them. Building a wheel tester soon to analyze roll and bearings. Since floors are all different, a traction test could be done on the machine but, it really would not mean anything. The coatings on the floors determine which wheels work, not the wheel itself.
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