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Default Would I be nuts?

to use a Seba High Light for fitness skating?

I've been skating on an old K2 Mod 8 for a long time. My current set of wheels are wearing out, as are other miscellaneous hardware / buckles etc. And the buckles and stuff are not replaceable like they are on nicer modern skates. So instead of replacing the wheels on a worn-out boot, I figure it's time to look at new skates. The High Lights seem to be built well, and have replaceable buckles and scuff pads, and an articulated cuff like I'm used to with my K2s. Here's what I'd do, though - I'd use the nice long 4x80 frame from my K2s. Basically just not use the short slalom-style frame that comes with the High Lights. Long-term I'd probably try to find a 4x90 or 4x100 frame in 165 mount, but this would be a nice boot upgrade anyways for the time being.


Other option I'm considering is the Trix2, which I also really like the look of, but not sure about that top velcro strap (velcro loosens / wears out / is not replaceable).

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