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Originally Posted by svt camr View Post

What ends up happening is they buy a pair of black soft boot skates that have plastic frames with bright color graphics and crappy wheels. Then a month later i see them collecting dust on the garage floor.

>>>>>dead on.... Nothing creates more bad opinions about skating, than trying to do it on crappy equipment...<<<<<<

what really needs to happen is dicks sporting goods and sports authority need to get their heads out of their you know what's and start carrying top quality brands.

>>>>they used to, but quit when the market fell out.<<<<

roller blade i just think ewwww! I'm even get annoyed when people call this sport roller blading. I now say inline skating.

>>>>rollerblade is the company that spawned the freaking sport and they make some very high quality products. Soft floppy fitness skates in general seem to be the problem, regardless of who makes them. Rb twisters are good skates, they make several good aggressive skates, trooper,solos,trs, and there current speed skates with "gravitational torque technology" were innovative but kind of gimmicky and people didn't take well to the frame flex and overall weird look (the boot was made by a top boot designer....maybe you have heard of mariana- boot maker for cado motus).
It's just people calling bandages band aid or calling colas coke. It an association with a major brand that people identify with.<<<<<

nothing will change until the big box stores begin to carry the quality brands>>>>again<<<<.

>>>you are totally correct about that. Sun and ski sports used to have an entire wall of inlines and a hard mat floor for tryin them out. Which brings us to another point. Both shies and athletic equipment sales have operated under the paradigm that you can try it before you buy it. That is impossible with an internet only market and turn around time for sizing issues is usually a couple weeks, which is a major deterrent for sales.<<<<

shaw good luck with your vision...
>>>ya, seriously, good luck...pardon me for letting my political views and socio-economic interests impede you r&d. I do think its a tough market to break into without bulk buying power and some inside link to a micro market that is flourishing.<<<<
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