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I should have mentioned to you that I definitely understand what you are saying about soft shelled skates and also your point about budget skates. I began skating on some of the first rollerblade brand skates in the early 1990s. They had hard shells and metal frames. Then I rocked the ever loving crap out multiple pairs of California pro junk brand skates with upgraded hyper wheels and German bearings, juice grind plates. I had the first pair of hard shell rollerblade macroblades and did nothing in them but freestyle skating any and everywhere. I rode hard shell Solomons at the parks and started speed skating in carbon boots at the same time. I have been skating for 25 years, always in inline skates, have never owned quads, have never been a fan of anything soft shelled. If has happened in the US skate market I have seen it or been involved. I love to see how popular slalom is in other countries simply because I love to see people happy on inlines. It just isn't happening in the states. People love to buy nice equipment and push their limits. People love to speed skate, endurance skate, play hockey, and rip shiz up at the parks and on the streets. Introducing cheap hard shelled slalom skates is not going to spawn a new cone skating movement.
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