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Originally Posted by WJCIV View Post
Sounds to me like you have a perfectly good set of pads (or two) with some bad elastic straps. Why not look up a local seamst(er/ress)? I can't imagine it will cost that much for what is probably at most 30 minutes of work, and someone who works in that profession might have some insights on a better elastic that will last for you. Plus then you can feel good about supporting local business and reducing your waste footprint if you care about those things.
Maybe. The outside covering also tears on the Lizard Skins so fixing them is more involved then simply replacing a couple of straps. It would require substantial new material they may not be readily available and more robust stitching than they are likely accustomed to doing.

I've had a leather repair shop make additions to my boots and a luggage repair shop fix the velcro on my wrist guards. In both cases, the results were functional but not quite right. Even when skilled at similar looking operations, you can't expect perfect results if they are not familiar with the application.
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