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Name: Mihai

Location: Europe.

Equipment for slalom: Seba FR 1, wheels 80mm/85A, bearings ILQ-9, blade 243mm

Favourite slalom trick: Backwards criss cross (recently learned)

Events?: none

How long skating & slaloming: Skating - 6 months - Slaloming: 9 days

Well i just recently discovered inline skating (last year in october) so i bought myself a pair of fitness Rollerblade training ABT Lite, with 82mm / 85A wheels and SG-7. At that time i knew so little about skating that i didn't even knew what kind of skates i'm buying, all i knew was that i wanna skate..which i did for a while then i was forced to stop till may this year when after a few days of skating i realized that my skates are not matching to what i wanna do so i start reading on the internet and i end up with this Seba FR 1 which are great and i really love them.
I just wanna mention that i'm almost 32 years old and i really feel sorry for my self about all these years i lost without skating. Man, i can tell i'm addicted to skating, specially freestyle.
My question is this: at this age can i still learn some slaloming and jumps or i should just normal skate and stop killing my legs??
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