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Default New Wheels and Bearings

I finally got new wheels and bearings for the rink here in town. Went for it and bought the 95A Monza in gray. They're advertised as a cross between the Zombies and the Cannibals and in the three times I've skated on them, that seems about right. I had been skating on the blue Cannibals there so the slide is something I need to take into account. I also went for it and got a set of Bones Ceramic bearings. YMMV, but I noticed an immediate difference. Very smooth roll, although I'm sure I still need to break in both a bit more. Friday night was the real test; the two people I primarily skate with had given me a bit of a break up until then, but this past Friday was "keep up or else".

In the meantime, the Swiss 6 I DID have in the Cannibals were swapped out to my Zombie 98A "max" wheels that I wear at the other rink. Haven't had a chance to use that set-up yet; they haven't yet opened for the season although I expect they will in a couple of weeks. I'll either own it or eat it.
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