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Default Breaking in the Scott's wheels

It was adult night at the Rollercade in San Antonio Texas. It always starts slow at opening time and builds to a crowd as the evening progresses. Tonight was no different. I had just received my Narrow Phantom wheels from AussieScott and was about to roll them. When I took to the floor I had to use caution for a bit until the wheels got their initial wearing in. But it was a short time later I was feeling confident and the wheels were gripping much better. So I skated the rest of the session with normal aggressiveness and lack of concern.

In a nutshell: they work great. The wheels add a lot of bling - bling to the skates and they are very unique compared to the wheels of the other skaters around here. No slips, no falls, and no errors. It was a good night to be a roller skater. Thanks AussieScott!

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