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Default STILL Minne sota Tuesday's 'Show and Tell' fizzle

Hi Tuesday,

Originally Posted by Tuesday Girl View Post
I just reposted the boot cover photo in the first comment and another comment further down. Hopefully, they are showing up again. What a pain!
Still nothing shows. I see the blank space that should have something yet that is it.

Not sure if I will go to Skateland tonight, and will wear an engineer's helmet if I do. Early in October, I thought I would be creative this year and go to our local costume place, yet the Lawn and Yard, inside house clutter, another son in Financial problems, , , took it's toll.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
P.S. MA stands for Massachusetts
P.S.-2 Please no one PM me, I still have not spent the time coming down from 100%. Sorry

Edit-01: I see Photo 11 of 11 was posted recently with high boots. IMG 4363. So I think I see one of your photos. In my experience (past) The Album is tricky, percousious, <sp> and erratic for posting photos. I always go back to one of my old notes to see the Tag Language needed to get it posted. Even when successful it would show up one day, and then not show days later, only to show once again.
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