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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Hey Jords, great job! It's probably getting better every day. The only advice I can give that's been given to me and I always try to pass it on, is try to keep your arms below your shoulders. It's great to record yourself because that's how you improve. Do you do this on 50cm cones? When you learned Jumping X (the predecessor move), did you start on 50's or 80's first? Which would you recommend for learning? Thanks in advance, don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
Couldn't agree more with my arms. I can do it well with normal Jumping X. Though it's a bit more effort of course with the Toe Jumping X or whatever you want to call it. Yes I film myself when ever I need to. That's how I was able to gradulaly master the Munobal 0910 combo last year. I have at least 463 video files on my home computer of all my screw ups and successes. I threw some of that up on one of my youtube vids when I was starting off heh heh!

So what would I personally reccomend? I'd start off cones doing what Naomi Grigg reccomended in her normal Jumping X tutorial which is you doing Jumping X on the spot like at least 20 times minimum. And then move on to doing it in the 80s. Then the 50s. And then yeah do Toe Jumping X in the 50s because I mean it's hard to generate that much momentum just on your toes through the 80s so starting in the 50s in my personal DIY opinion is easier.
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