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Originally Posted by Jords View Post

I wanna do this.

How do I do it, please? I can do Jumping X proficently through 80cm and 50cm! I just... idk I keep knocking everything over or going back to flat jumps when I go on toes. SO I begin on a 50cm line of 20 cones and do the first 10 cones normal jumping X then do next 10 on my toes. Doesn't work. I've been doing this for months. There has to be some shortcut, other than repeating the same attempt all day. And yes I tried it off cones too.

Do I have to use a skipping rope like the Taiwanese do when they practice Toe-Wiper?? Any pointers would be nice. I know I could do it but not without your help, thank you!
When I hit the link I get cheerleaders jumping up, doing splits in the air while touching toes. Which I actually used to do on skates in the 80’s (yea, I’m a dude, but I could, so I did) when they played Van Hallens’ “Jump” everyone was suposed to jump. But I really don’t think that was what you were getting at.
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