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Thank you so much for your help. For some reason I thought the Igor's would be more narrow than the Trix, so that's really interesting. I was just looking at Powerslides, and one in particular said "tight fit," so that sounds great too! I might find my match.

My son has Powerslide Hardcore Evo's and he swears they're the absolute best. He has a wide foot, so I wouldn't go with his model.

I have a plan. I'll order some new boots, but immediately put old wheels on them, so that if I need to return them, I haven't ruined the wheels. Sometimes it's hard to tell just by trying them on, you have to skate around to get the feel.

Edea's are primo, but I'd probably only use those for ice, or quads. For slalom I usually go with an inline boot (non artistic). Good to know they're tight for my figure skating, however.

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