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Default Post your favorite slalom videos!!!

I love slalom skating so much, I'd thought I'd share some videos. Please share your favorites too!!! Some are oldies but goodies.

Naomi Grigg, founding father, brought light to slalom inline and gave it breath all over the world. Many thanks.

Skali had some of the absolute best slalom inline tutorials on youtube (Kompa Kombo), but they can no longer be accessed in the U.S. Here's a video he made in NY. It's great because it really captures the feel of NY in the summer with CPDSA skaters and the place in the park where people slalom skate (in addition to many other scenic spots).

Here's the slalom royalty of Central Park, Eriald and Gerbert with a friend I don't know named Jeremy. They are super! This was a few years back, so they are even better now!!!

I got the link to this one here on the forum a while back. Can't hurt to repost.
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