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Default Getting new gear through to new potential skaters

It seems that the big problem globally is that there is not enough market size or growth to support the distribution of skate products globally. The biggest things I believe to help boost rollerskating globally needs to happen at the store level, with huge support from the manufacturer.

1. Manufacturers/distributors should permit consignment sale options to store holders, that is the store will stock key product varieties and only need pay for them if they sell. This was done very successfully in the past. It allows all skates including top models to be on display. Every shop should have at least one high end skate on display.

2. Manufacturers need to target alternative store types. Let's face it, skateboard shops place stock at the back where it is dark. Skates shouldn't have to compete with deckgrip. Boutique fashion/gift/retro shops would be an ideal place to strategically place a few of the funky Powerslide swell fitness skates to at least display stuff so people know it exists. The coulours entice, and many of these shoppers are looking for something new. I. Eli eve the swell fitness skates are moving in this direction with fantastic online support and fun internet experiences.

3. Manufacturers should allow some of their stock to go to enthusiastic 'representatives' in poor market areas to allow stuff to be seen at the rinks. I'd happily carry around a boot of skates and exclusively ride product so that it is seen. For many of us skating is a passion and we only want others to have the best experience on wheels possible. Would you rather I helped you or some loose-pants skate shop dude who doesn't know a thing about skates. I'm not an expert, but I am keen and more equipped to help than many of the store staff I have dealt with in my area. Only saying this, as I know how difficult it has been in my own experience with online international shopping. I have paid in cash to know the difference between different skates and accessories. Know one here knows the current brands available.

4. Manufacturers need to continue to improve their after sales service and relationships with representatives.

5. If a skate is not available in a town it should be a manufacturers responsibility to get the skate into the hands of a local representative so that it can be available for sizing and temporary display to the interested party. This should happen within a month unless stock does not exist.

6. Complete spare part inventories should be listed, priced, and available for sale to users.

7. Provide custom setup option. Boot+frame+bearings+wheel Set+protection. Explain why this option exists. Less package deals will ensure better quality opportunities. E.g any boot or frame that can be separated should be available separately.

These are just some of the things that could be done to help sell more skates and grow a larger user base. It also encourages better local distribution, greater customisation and personalization of the product, ultimately reducing the overall cost of our equipment.

Ultimately if you are out there skating and you love your rigs, speak loudly about them. Eventually greater local support may be available due to your voice.

Happy rolling.
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