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How to Get Started in Slalom (Naomi Grigg Article)

That link should be at the very top in my opinion. Every Slalom skater absolutely needs to know that name. Naomi Grigg. Probably one of the top Slalom instructors of the 21st century. Everyone, everywhere
A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y needs to know that name in full!

When ever I'm trying to strengthen the foundation basics to improve my overall abilities I always turn to her Skate Freestyle online learning website. The documentation is extensive and vastly available to all who wish to learn.

I turned up at slalom lessons in Queensland better prepared and better equiped than any of my peers and it's because of websites like that!

Besides that, the websites Naomi mentions, Munobal and kompakombo are ones I've already visited and they are 2 of the best video sites out there for learning new tricks though kompakombo is best viewed on Youtube by non-French speakers.
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