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oh, well thats sad for the first time.

if you're skating on tarmac or going freestyle urban skating. it is generally a good idea to have hardness of wheel 85A to 90A, the latter being harder. rollerblade brand wheels are 85 i think.

i have not tried 90 which is probably the hardest for wheels, so will last longer. oh yeah, these wheels are usually 72-80mm. you will need Kizer's powerblade frames to accommodate these wheels. then you can ride freely everywhere.

i guess your wheels are more for indoor or skate parks only. if i were you, i'd go for 80mm sizes. theyre bigger but the same prices as 72 or 76mm. it will wear out sooner or later but then you'll have 76mm wheels instead

we urban skaters usually replaces wheels after couple months or even 6 months or even to a year depending how much you skate or how vigorous. not that often. hope this helps
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