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Crazy debate on boot style here. I only have 1 quad, its a vanilla freestyle on a powerdyne arius. There isn't above ankle support, and I cannot see how you would ever need such support outdoors. Now the hard plastic boots as being huge for taking abuse, I totally agree. My inlines are hard shell high top rec skates and they will easily brush off a fall where my vanillas would not.

I still don't think I would use an inline boot even if it had an articulating cuff for outdoor quads. As armadillo said, its restrictive on lateral articulation of your ankle. If you have good ankle flexibility, stability and strength using a solid type high-top boot isn't needed, downhill or not. Youd probably end up with uneven wear characteristics on your wheels because your skate would tip over like a cardboard box instead of being able to bend at the ankle like a quad needs to.

I love my arius outdoors, but its design is very hard on it when rolling over cracks. Traditional KP wins cause every time I roll over sidewalk cracks it hits so hard I feel like I'm gonna break the darn thing.
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