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Default Antik Spyders?

Hey, Sweeney. Some great advice above.

I've just come back to quads from inlines, and I wanted a boot like you describe; I'd always been on Sure Grip Rebel Avengers before that for indoors, and I had some soccer boots on Avengers for outdoors - I loved the plates and the freedom of the low ankle, but always felt a bit 'vulnerable' outdoors.

I skate quads indoors at the rink for rec/speed, outdoors for rec/speed, and have dabbled at skateparks (but not much on quads).

Having watched Wawa's video a gajillion times, I can see how the slides and two-wheeled tricks he does would benefit from a hard-shell boot; same for the slalom moves. For pure speed, a high boot like that would probably cramp the style of someone used to low cut boots.

I took my new Antik Spyders to a speed/fitness session and tried them laced up to the top - jeebus, I couldn't do crossovers! Solved that by only lacing up to the heel-lock eyelet. At the skatepark, they were fine laced up because I didn't need that long push out at all.

The boots offer support but not stiffness - they could be ideal for you. I did a training half-marathon this morning on a cycle track with the Envy wheels they come with, and they felt awesome - the best since I've got them (I didn't really get on with the Triton plate at first; have improved that by re-mounting them all the way to the front, and changing the cushions to Sure Grip Super purples - all barrels; tried the cones underneath at first, but they felt wrong). If cash is no object, you could go for AR1's with Reactors or Roll Lines or suchlike. Lace up for support/skatepark; lace to the ankle for speed (when your ankle gets a bit stronger). Just a suggestion (I'm currently awaiting Bont Hybrids for indoor speed/session, the Antiks will be for outdoor/skatepark only).

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