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You list a skateboard part. We are on roller skate parts buddy. I know it's hard for your

Google search skateboard hanger, you'll get a part that allows you to hang a skateboard from the wall.

Google search skate trucks or how about this?
Or this wrench adjusts the truck bolt

Oh look, a skate truck

Search around if you like. No one calls them hangers. Its truck. Rotflol
Here are the exact things we are talking about.
Oo look it's a TRUCK

Which way is up? Plate side cushion gives no room for error, as it is identified as the cushion against the plate side of the truck. While most people will think the upper cushion is between the truck and the baseplates there are others out there who identify upper as the floor side cushion, since it is in the up position when working on skates.

A more important question is why are you even challenging already set in stone terminology, for what? To derail a thread like usual.

I said
Adding or removing shims/washers to adjust non adjustable pivot pins and shimming the pivot cup is not what's being discussed here.

*** and you didnt read and comprehend for crap.... so you say...

"Adding or subtracting "shims" to adjust the pivot pin, be it an adjustable pivot pin or a non-adjustable pivot pin is exactly what's being discussed here, if the hanger isn't parallel to the plate the pivot pin won't sit in it's cup properly, shimming the hanger into position is the discussion.
Running the hanger out of parallel to the plate may sound sexy, but it the pivot pin is hindered or bound, the sex is dry."

The trucks dont sit parallel to the plate. The yoke sits perpendicular to the kingpin when a cushion of the correct height is used between the plate and truck(plate side cushion) adding and subtracting height changes that.

What is being discussed here is when fierocious1 adjusts the height of the plate side cushion with shims it changes the angle of the pivot pin in relation to where it normally sits going into the baseplate. The pivot pin stays in nearly the exact same location due to the way the plate is made when this adjustment is made.

Since you obviously can't seem to keep up here, maybe you shouldn't sh!tpost. 🤨🤔😂 Just sit this one out and go cry about Russia some more.
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