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Originally Posted by LambChopper View Post
Here I am a year later thinking about getting back up on the wheels I swore I'd never again be on. I was watching a YouTube video of Michelle Steinlen and a friend skating a really awful road full of cracks and rough paving in what I think was Hawaii. How??? Soft wheels? Skill?? Good video editing?!
I've banged bodies with Michelle. (on skates, that is) VERY strong girl. Strong quads and glutes. Young healthy knees. That is what you are seeing. Also takes a fall like nothing. Easy to do stuff when you have little fear of falling.

If you are skating in your garage, find the bulkiest padded short you can, and learn to fall on your butt. True about fall at low/no speed. All the force is straight down. When you are moving, your force is dispersed in your direction of travel, not just down.
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