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Originally Posted by LambChopper View Post
Last April I was skating in my garage. I still don't know what happened but I went down hard and fast. Six hours of ER wait time later I found out I'd fractured my shoulder. It hurt, no doubt, but more than the pain was how it scared me. I was on the ground broken and stunned in a fraction of a second. Absolutely no time to fall correctly.

Here I am a year later thinking about getting back up on the wheels I swore I'd never again be on. I was watching a YouTube video of Michelle Steinlen and a friend skating a really awful road full of cracks and rough paving in what I think was Hawaii. How??? Soft wheels? Skill?? Good video editing?!

My garage floor is smooth, way smoother than that road, yet they were rolling along and not falling and I fell and cracked.

I guess I'm just looking for some.......? Encouragement. Tips. Hints.

Inlines are not really an option as they scare me and my neighborhood has some slopes. Speed isn't an issue. Safety and gentle exercise is my goal.
Skating rink..... outdoor skating is different and requires a slightly different setup. I would choose longer plates rather than short forward due to many variables you have to face out doors that you don't indoors. Long forward can be your friend.
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