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Default I GOT RiB SPIN SET!!!!!!

Almost giddy.

A litte science, a little luck. I knew I wasn't getting the initial ROB set. So I practiced spining on thst edge in my house. That's a tough edge to spin on. I still drag a toe for it.

Then I got to the rink and the spin is getting better. But still not quite set.

Then, for whatever reason, I stopped delaying after two cross pulls and went right into the spin. Not sure why ai always delayed after the cross rolls, but I just made a habit of it. That finally set the spin correctly. No more moving my wieght back to the nonperforming foot. No double set.

Now, when I improve anything I concentrate on it and my arms mis behave a bit. If I can get it to where I'm concentrating more on arm control I do better.

The resulting RIB edge seems better too.

I'll get video when I can.
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