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Default Back to the Tennis court

Went to the court to practice some stuff. It's getting harder to do in session some of the stuff I want to do so the weather is in and out right now for the court.

Tested out my IB entry corrections. Practiced holding edges and starting the IB from a stand still. I was done and had my skates off when I decided I better get some video so I can further correct the spin. So I put my skates back on and got just a teenie bit of video.

My usual self-analysis so I know what to work on:

Second 1.
My wind up inside edge could be deeper. I had much deeper ones during my practice but not on video. But this is still an improvement over my last video.

Second 2.
Hey buddy, control your arms.

Second 3.
Nice arebesque. I may just get that camel spin first. I almost had one earlier in practice. Got the leg straight but went up on the toes then down on the knee. Wound up sitting on my butt. I fall a lot these days. Oh yea, nice deep edge too. If I could find a way to propell myself I should just skate arebesque all the time. But as we have it I'm an excellent skater for about half a second.

Second 4.
Still the arms are out of control. Not standing straight up either. Still I am acheiving rotation on the OF and that is an improvement.

Second 5.
When I rock over to IB I spin out to a wide arc. Not sure why??? Analysis on second four may be a clue though.

So I know what to work on. I used a broom stick during some of the practice. I may do it more often to control those arms. Not quite sure how to get that rock over better though. Perhaps standing up better over the skate will help.

Till next time.
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