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This comment will fall short of your question because I don't have any experience with the Rush boot. With that being said, if they fit your feet, they will probably be great boots. I say that simply because of where they are coming from...I don't think Simmons would put out a boot that wasn't quality, even if it's not top-of-the-line in terms of aesthetics.

The problem with stock boots is fit. Even if the boots are top-notch in every way, if they don't fit your feet, they will always fall short. I can't tell you how many stock boots that I've owned that were greater than $400 or $500 in cost (and great boots), but were almost unusable because of the pain they caused my feet.

10 years ago, I never would have advocated for customs because I thought they were too expensive. Today, I think customs are the best option if you skate a lot and will make use of the expense (so to speak). With that being said, stock boots are a fantastic alternative if they fit. And, for me, it's always been hit or miss. I've had a couple stock boots that were nearly as good as customs in terms of performance. But, I've had even more stock boots that had to be re-sold or sat in my closet because I could never get them to fit properly (even with a lot of heat molding).
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