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Default Anyone use a mirror skating on roads?

I sometimes train on open roads and I find that compared to trails I generally have a less satisfying skate because I'm constantly on the lookout for cars coming up behind me. I have a little mirror on my left wrist guard which of course requires that I lift my arm up, and, you know how so many cars now (even the ones driven by @ss holes talking and texting) run so quietly now that with a little wind in your ears, you just can't hear them approaching. Does anyone have a suggestion for a particular mirror that mounts to a helmet or eye glasses that works well for them?
I have in the past, on a mostly straight, not too busy two lane (for each direction) road with a bike lane on either side, skated against traffic flow. When a car approaches, I can see it well ahead and I shorten my stride and wave the car forward, letting the driver know I'm getting out of his path. With little traffic, cars usually have plenty of time to just pull over to the other lane.I know that is not the proper thing to do,as it gives driver less time to "react" to you, but I don't really feel like the "react"in any way safer to me when they come up from behind. fwiw, I did feel safer and got a better skate doing this, until a trusted friend lashed me with a wet noodle for doing so.
You thoughts and suggestions welcome.
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